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We are so lucky to be able to provide such a wealth of information and services to everyone who attends our classes and you can feel secure in the knowledge that you have chosen the best.
We have three trainers one of which is also a qualified groomer, lots of people who attend our classes go on to take their dog to Gubby for grooming, they all love her kind patient methods and can't wait for a tummy rub from her.
Another trainer is Angie who is also a qualified and registered pet sitter and dog walker and she also does day care for your pets in her home, so if you ever need her for the day or if you want longer care when you are on holiday you can be assured that your pet will enjoy his break as well.
We also have an assistant who is a veterinary nurse so all angles are covered.

Between us we have owned many breeds from Yorkshire Terriers to Deer Hounds with all shapes and sizes in-between.

I myself have always grown up with dogs and got my first one (after much begging and pleading) at the age of 13. My love of dogs has been with me all my life and all I ever wanted to do as a child was work with them, I think I am very lucky to fulfil this dream.
I have trained in both competitive obedience with great success and also agility.

My claim to fame is training a dog for the children's program "Woof" I  got a lot of offers for more work from them (must have done a good job) which I declined as I just don't have the time to commit to it, I got a lot of satisfaction from the work and it's a big buzz when you see the dog on TV.
I have attended many courses and keep up with modern day thinking and methods so you can be confident that only kind methods are used.

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