Dog Grooming.


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Lothersdale, Near Keighley, West Yorkshire.




Our philosophy is that the grooming process be as quick, painless and enjoyable as possible for the dog,  and


plenty of treats and  praise are an essential part of this, we want our canine customers to enjoy coming to


be groomed!



At Furry Critters all dogs are given one-to-one attention, and the grooming process is completed without the


dog having to wait to be  bathed or dried.


Because your dogs safety and comfort are our first priority, every effort will be made to make your dogs grooming as pleasant, stress-free and comfortable as possible, regardless of the age of the dog.


We ensure that all our dogs, especially those that are elderly, nervous or very young, have ample care and attention, frequent breaks to allow for toileting, and access to water during their grooming process.




Unless a dog is groomed regularly the grooming procedure can be a stressful event for a dog, so if you have a breed that requires regular grooming please make sure you introduce them to the grooming process as soon as possible. Please speak to us to discuss puppy starter visits, during which we introduce the grooming environment and make the experience as pleasant as possible for your puppy. We can also give grooming advice for new owners, explaining the best tools and training methods to use to prevent problems developing with grooming. Brushing and combing your dog in-between visits to the groomer helps both the dog and the groomer, and keeps the dog's skin and coat in good condition.



We will always advise the most appropriate course of action for a  nervous or heavily matted dog, we will not attempt to brush out or de-matt a heavily matted coat as this would cause pain and distress to the dog. In these instances we advise that the dog be clipped-down allowing the coat to re-grow and be kept tangle-free with regular grooming. Likewise if claws have become grossly overgrown and are black, (making it impossible to see the blood vessel) we advise you to ask the vet to clip these the first time to avoid any injury or pain to the dog.


If your dog's coat has not had any care or attention for some time and is likely to be very time-consuming to groom, we may advise two separate sessions rather than expect the dog to cope with an excessively long grooming session.


we provide;



prices vary dependent on breed, coat type, state of coat (a heavily matted and dirty coat requires much more work!) all mixed breeds are welcome.

a basic guide for a full groom;


Please contact us for further details.