The Silver Class                                     The Classes

Is on Wednesday evening at 8-00 and is for all members who have gained their Basic Obedience Award or anyone who already has basic control of their dog. The Silver Award is a natural progression  but demands a higher level of obedience, some of the exercises taught in this class are: 

  • Come away from other dogs when called
  • Don't jump up when greeting people.
  • Stand still while you are being examined (as by a vet).
  • Do a two-minute stay
  • Walk on a slack lead whilst outside, this includes halting at the curb, and to be able to stop and have a conversation with other dogs and owners.

We also start to include more fun things such as:

  • Fetch your toy back
  • High five
  • Shake hands
  • Hide and Seek

Below are some dogs who have attended this class.