Silver       -        Gold                             The Classes

Is on Wednesday evening at 8-00 and is for all members who have gained their Basic Obedience Award or anyone who already has basic control of their dog. The Silver Award is a natural progression  but demands a higher level of obedience, some of the exercises taught in this class are: 

  • Come away from other dogs when called
  • Don't jump up when greeting people.
  • Stand still while you are being examined (as by a vet).
  • Do a two-minute stay
  • Walk on a slack lead whilst outside, this includes halting at the curb, and to be able to stop and have a conversation with other dogs and owners.

We also start to include more fun things such as:

  • Fetch your toy back
  • High five
  • Shake hands
  • Hide and Seek

Below are some dogs who have attended this class.



As you can see by the photos below the handlers have gained a lot more control of their dogs by the time they get to this level and all problem behaviour has disappeared, a lot of the work is done off lead and all the exercises are more challenging, these include:

The dogs have to walk on a slack lead whilst outside and include changes of pace.

Stays are done both in & out of sight and last for 2 minutes.

The dog has to happily go to its bed and remain there as they might have to in the home.

The test also includes an emergency stop, this has saved the lives of many dogs that have attended.

They have to be able to call their dog to heel
(as they may have to in the park) and to carry on walking with the dog staying at heel off Lead

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