Dog Training classes are held in Skipton at the

Broughton road Community Centre 

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We have classes available for all breeds, ages and capabilities.
We are the only club in the area to be Kennel club listed and able to
offer such a wide variety of classes


Puppy Play School is for all young Puppies up to the age of  5 months,
This class will help you through all the problems that make you wonder if you were mad to get that cute bundle. Biting-Chewing-Housetraining and so much more

When your puppy has completed Puppy class you can then advance into, the Junior Class.   This is ideal as your dog will still only be mixing with other young dogs but the training will be more advanced. as he approaches his teenage stage

The New Starter Class is for all other dogs who have not had any training.This is for anyone who needs basic control of their dog. Maybe your dog pulls on lead or wont come back when you call, does he jump up at you or visitors or just bark a lot, this class will show you how to start teaching your dog all the basic commands. Most dogs get their Bronze award on completion of this course.

The Silver Class is a natural transition from the New Starter class and is for anyone wishing to take their training further, we take all the exercises that have been taught and  show you how to get control outside and in everyday situations. The Silver award is gained at the end of this course

By the time you get into The Gold Class your control of your dog will have improved so much. This class (as you would expect) demands a much higher level of obedience from the dog.

All members can by now take their dog anywhere and know that it will be a credit to them. The class is fun and everyone enjoys it.

Many people who attend our club enjoy it so much that they
want to carry on training, for these or anyone who already has a
well trained dog but would like to extend their training or perhaps
just have some fun with their dog we have the

            Advanced Class


If you have decided which class you are interested in please
contact us to book a place or to get  more information.