Below is feed back we have had from people who have attended our classes. Book your training with confidence that we will bring out the best in you and your dog, in a relaxed friendly environment.

I wanted to tell you that we went to Hunmanby last weekend where we have a home at Hunmanby Hall and we took Sam! We've not been able to go since rescuing Sam due to him being reactive, as there are tons of dogs at Filey/Brid and Sewerby, so we've not been for 9 months!!!!! Last week was a special weekend as it would have been my dad's birthday and we have a bench at Filey Country Park in his memory and we took Sam. He was on his long line and had the time of his life. He wasn't bothered by other dogs and said hello to many!! He made a beeline for the sea, he's a water baby and we had no idea!!! So thanks to you, Angie and Gubby we have our dream of going on lots of daily walks to the park and we can go to our holiday home, thank you so much.

Louise Taylor and Sam

My husband & my self have attended the Skipton Dog Training school for the past 3½ years with our Welsh springer spaniel.Our dog was of a shy / nervous disposition, From the start the dog was treated very gently, to allow her to adjust to being with other dogs & humans. Sue,Gubby & Angie, you are very much dog lovers, who enjoy what you do, laughter also plays its part and you see some very waggly dogs tails, a sure sign that they are enjoying the relaxed & happy atmosphere. Sue, Gubby & Angie bring their own dogs to the top class, they are not just teachers but friends who enjoy the training as much as we do. Who would think that playing noughts & crosses, musical chairs & other games would be teaching your dog without you realizing it. It is an evening to look forward to with serious training mixed in with fun. We have recommended the Skipton dog training to people in the past & would have no hesitation in recommending in the future as we can not speak highly enough of the work they do.

David & Maureen Ward



I have been attending Skipton dog training for the past 3 and a half years with 3 different dogs. They use reward based training methods that are both kind and affective. They are very good with all dogs whatever size, shape or temperament, and obviously have a great love of dogs in general. They try to help anyone that attends with whatever problems they are having with their dogs and they always see the best in all dogs it is a very friendly nice environment for teaching your dog new things and curing old problems. I have them to thank for helping to make my dogs lovely sociable well behaved dogs and without the help and training I got from them I wouldn’t be able to manage 5 dogs and a baby!

Thank you Embsay dog training

Lauren Knapp


I have attended Skipton Dog Training on 3 seperate occassions with various dogs. I am currently attending classes with my 2 yr old, rescued German Shepherd, Banjo.  In Feb 2013, Banjo had severe aggression issues with people, dogs and horses.  He was difficult to handle and, at times, we considered having him put to sleep his behaviour was so bad. Luckily for everyone concerned, we took him to "reactive" classes at EDT, where he was in a class with 2-3 other "reactive" dogs.   He quickly progressed and is now happy in "normal" dog class with 7-8 other dogs, sometimes in close proximity to him.  This was something we never thought would be possible. All of the methods are focused on rewarding good behaviour, with the class actively encouraged to praise dogs when they are doing the "right" action.  "Correction" is a simply "hey" or "no" and then repeating the action until the dog understands what we want.  We are taught in class, that we, as owners, should "ask" correctly and communicate clearly to our dogs.  We are encouraged to think about our body language, and to use this effectively. I cannot stress how fantastic this training club is, and how the comfort, safety and welfare of the dog is behind every action the club takes.  They have an excellent, no nonsense attitude, which both dogs and owners respect! The progress that our dog has made with this club has made such a difference to our lives, and to Banjo's! I am an avid animal lover with a long history of pet ownership.  I  currently have 1 dog, 1 cat and 2 horses. I am an ex RSPCA Foster parent and an active supporter of Natural Horsemanship and Dog Behaviour.  I strongly believe that animals should be rewarded and encouraged for "good" behaviour. I have recommended SDT to friends and family, and have known numerous other people who have attended classes.  Over the last 18+ years, I have never heard, or known, anything negative to be said about the club, and anyone who attends is always impressed with the difference they make.

I cannot praise, or thank them, enough!

Jo Matthews and Banjo.


Hi Sue,

Myself and Fudge would like to say a big thank you for the excellent dog & owner training we have had the pleasure of attending for the past four years.

Fudge, being a Springer Spaniel/Chocolate Labrador cross, was not the easiest dog to train to say the very least. But, with guidance from yourself, Gubby and Angie, he is now a wonderful family pet that other owners looks at with envy because of his excellent training.

What is more impressive with the training, after spending many hours in your classes, is how you tailor the training to each individual dog and owner. One size does not fit all, and you ensure each owner is taught how to train their dog with love and plenty of treats. An ideal indicator of how much the dogs enjoy the sessions and the trainers is how each dog in our class will happily leave their owner just to wander up to you, or any of the trainers for a cuddle or a fuss; which you are all more than willing to give.

I can honestly say dog training is Fudges favourite night of the week. By the time I get home from work he is already beside himself with excitement waiting to go to class and, if he could, would drive himself to class.

His particular favourite training sessions include scenting, retrieve, distance commands and, of course, agility. He loves it when you come to meet the dogs at the beginning of the session and if you need to borrow them for demonstration purposes. The biggest problem I have is getting him to leave at the end.

Thanks again for making Fudge the fabulous dog and best friend he is now.

Kind regards

Simon & Fudge

I have attended Skipton dog training  for the last six years +, i have had two German shepherds trained at Skipton dog training by Sue and her team by there methods, one dog being very nervous but with her patience and kindness and showing me how to treat my dog he went on to gain his Bronze, Silver and Gold  good citizen awards .All my dogs  are my pets and best friends that is why i have so much trust in these trainers i am at the moment attending class with a year old skitty Bichon Frise who for her age and energy i am getting compliments by people who know what my dogs mean to me how she is coming along. My old Shepherd loves to see the team and she always gets a cuddle and treats. We are at the moment talking of getting another dog after Christmas and will certainly want it to go to Sue and her team at Skipton dog training. I first heard of this lady trainer and her good methods by our councillor and town mayor who had taken his dog                  Mrs Angela M Bradley.

I've been attending Skipton Dog Training well over six months with my partner Mark and dog Riley. The fact that we've just signed up for our fourth lot of 10 lessons probably speaks for itself.  Thanks to the efforts of Sue and Gubby in showing us how to train Riley, we have a dog that we're happy to take out and very often we get compliments on how well behaved he is for such a young dog. He's a bit of a handful though, so there are times when we've been shown how to be a little bit firmer with him and he's responded well to that. (All dogs are different and Sue and Gubby take that into account, often spending time with individuals to give them a tailored approach. Riley only has to hear Gubby's voice and he's rolling and wriggling on the floor waiting to have his stomach rubbed - and Sue's a victim of his enthusiasm too, he loves to have cuddles from them both.  I take that as a clear sign he's happy and trusts them.

I hope this goes some way to giving you an insight into their approach and methods and I'm happy to say I'm a customer of Skipton Dog Training.

Jennifer Holloway

Hi Sue
I would just like to say a huge thank you to the team at Skipton dog training for helping me to train Zaph my Weimaraner over the last two years, as you all know I took Zaph to your classes as he was a rescue dog and had lived on a narrow boat up until we owned him which I believe had caused him considerable stress and anxiety being left all day in such a small home with ducks, swans, cyclists going by him. He was very untrusting of humans other than myself and my husband clinging to us and not making eye contact with anyone else due to fear and could not be let off the lead where cyclists, children, ducks, sheep, cattle and other dogs may be.
On my first visit to your class you were very understanding and understood his anxiety and assured us that by joining the classes we would be able to work together to address these issues which was a big relief for us as we thought he would not get any better. You helped me to train zaph in way which was empathetic to him and his confidence grew with people and other dogs both in class and at home, I think your training is light hearted and fun but also firm when required which resulted in Zaph being the more confident dog he is today.
He can now socialise and play with other dogs so I don't have to avoid them, he walks passed cows everyday, comes back to me when I call him even when ducks fly up in front of him and he is more confident around people even asking to be stroked.
Kind regards

I would just like to say that I have been taking my Dog to

Skipton Dog Training for the past 10 weeks, the three trainers who run the centre offer so much not only to the dogs but to the owners as well.

They treat the dogs as though they are their own with so much love and care. I would highly recommend them to anybody,

if you have a problem I suggest you come in and see for yourselves what a great job these three ladies do.

Rita and Ellie Allred


 Thank you so much for all your help and coaching over the past few months - its made so much difference

Trudy, Kevin, Taylor and Marven.

Thank you for all your help with Alfie - he's had his moments along the way but without your help he wouldn't be the amazing dog that we love to bits.

with many thanks, Bill Helen and Alfie

I just wanted to say thank you, I have had a great time over the last four years with Ella and Harvey and learnt such a lot.

Have really enjoyed meeting everybody and their wonderful four legged friends and will miss meeting up every week. If i decide to extend my family of pointers I will be back in the future.

Take care and bye for now. Sarah.

I cannot thank you enough for all your encouragement, enthusiasm and advice you have given me over the last 15 months, Monty and I have come along a great deal entirely due to you. I know if we have problems I can contact you for advice. Thanks again  Douglas and Monty.

Thank you for all your help and training during the last year. Enid and the Wilful welsh!

There was a young Labrador called Blue

Who was rescued by Julie and Hugh

Only 6 months old

Big bouncy and bold

They hardly knew what to do

Months passed and they struggled on and off

As Blue pulled Julie over, times were tough

Action was needed

Advice was heeded

Enough was enough

Step forward a lady called Sue

Who wrestled with our lab called Blue

She gave us some tips

Try sausage (no chips)

And generally showed us what to do

Months have gone by

Through Bronze Silver and Gold we try

To tame young Blue

His bad habits now few

So to Sue we can now say goodbye

Our thanks we give to you dear Sue

For saving us and the Blue

We leave you among the sit-down and stay

To return possibly another day

with another rescued hound

we might save the pound

Until then sincere thanks Sue

From a very grateful Julie and Hugh (and Blue) xx

Thank you very very much for all your help, advice and patience. Coming to class has made a big difference, probably more to me as I had more problems than Gemma ! !

I have much more confidence which I hope is feeding through to Gemma, looking forward to the next classes, really enjoying coming.  Margaret.

Thank you for your support with the training and for putting me in touch with Carlton Hydrotherapy pool, it has made a real improvement on Keano's back end and his health in general. We are looking forward to the Silver course.                                Thanks again Melissa and Keano.

Thanks for making having a well behaved dog and handler so much fun.                                                                                    Love Lily and Ella

Thanks for a lot of fun in class. looking forward to next course. Sarah and Ella.

Thanks for being there with all your help and support. I think we must be among your worst nightmares . . . .  and we keep on coming back!.     Angela and Robbie.

I am truly pleased with the progress i have made with Poppy. She's a different dog to when I first joined and we will carry on improving.   Love Beryl and Poppy.